Relocation services | Customized packages

Moving to another country. This is exciting and stressful, especially when it comes to an entire family. There is a lot involved and different rules and laws apply.

Infinitas Real Estate likes to take the process out of your hands and ensures that only the nice things need to be thought of. We offer tailor-made packages so that all necessary needs are met. This can be done by mail, telephone or via a facetime call so that the first personal contact is immediately made.

Extra infinitas international housing services

  • Register at the municipality
  • Opening a Dutch bank account
  • Connecting gas/water/electricity
  • Request a parking permit
  • Search for work for your partner
  • Information about schools, sports clubs, language courses
  • Information about dentist, doctor, hospitals
  • Information about hairdressers, beauty salons, spas
  • Information about restaurants, museums, nightlife, festivals
  • Of course you can also ask for our advice regarding other relocation services that have not been mentioned above.