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You are new in The Hague or you want to move to another neighborhood within the city and you do not yet have full knowledge of the neighborhoods where you would like to live. It is important that you live in a suitable environment in order to feel at home. We help you to make the right choice and match you as well as possible with the right home. We have put down a number of "facts" about the neighborhoods where we offer housing.

Below you will find information about the various neighborhoods in The Hague and you can get familiar with them.

City Centre

Like in all large cityies, the centre is where is all happens. This area is home to mostly students and young professionals. If you like to live closeby lots of restaurants and shops then this is the place to be. A bike can come in handy as parking can be quite difficult and expensive.


Close to the beach, the harbour and the wellknown shopping street "the Fred". The Statenkwartier is seen as the international zone as it is full of international organizations such as embassies, multinationals and other large companies. Statenkwartier is a luxurious living environment.


Scheveningen Scheveningen is probably the best known beach area in the Netherlands. At the beach or in the harbour you can get a bite or a drink in one of the many good restaurants. The boulevard was designed by an architect from Barcelona and has a very special charm. In the summer Scheveningen will always be full of people and tenants just love to live in this area.


This discrict is loved by expats, and full of good quality restaurants and en bars. In general the Zeehelden district is inhabited by people who do not feel associated with the masses and prefer a less jetset-like environment.

Duttendel, Belgischpark, van Stolkpark

The areas of Duttendel, Belgischpark and the van Stolkpark hold beautiful houses, and many villa's, which is why it attracts many professionals from abroad. The beach as well as the dunes and forrests are very closeby. If you like lots of green and plenty of parking space then this area might suit you well.


Benoordenhout is a very quiet neighbourhood with lots of green and pleasant streets. This is a typical child-friendly environment and for this reason a lot of (young) families settle here. National roads in the direction of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht are easy accessible. The houses are spacious and well maintained, this area is attractive!


Many young professionals live here as well as young couples who in the early stages of their careers. The necessary shops, cafés and deli’s are nearby. Houses are affordable in this lively neighbourhood. The centre and Central (train) Station are very near by as well as the forest.

Marlot and Haagsebos

Popular with expats and their families. These are quiet neighberhoods with lots of green. There are beautiful houses here and some sports clubs in the neighbourhood. This district is located directtly next to Wassenaar. Rent here is generally higher than average, as it is a beautiful location!

Duinoord en Zorgvliet

Duinoord and Zorgvliet are located next to the district Statenkwartier. The houses here are slightly smaller on average, but have charming architecture. The environment is pleasant with many stores and restaurants nearby. Houses here have been built in the late 19th century. Parking space is easy to find and free in this area.


The Geuzenkwartierdistrict is situated next to the Statenkwartier, only the houses here are a quite smaller. These were built around 1910-1915. The rents are on average slightly lower. This is a nice place for students, youth, and beach/surf lovers.


The vogelwijk is one of the most loved living areas of The Hague. It is characterised by many villa's en houses with relatively large yards, which give it a very "green" appearance and makes it suitable for families and kids. The dunes and beach are very closeby. Living in The Vogelwijk is not cheap, but well worth your money!

Bomenbuurt, Bloemenbuurt & Vruchtenbuurt

These neighbourhoods were built between 1911 and 1923, and are between Vogelwijk and Valkenboskwartier. Here you will find nice apartments for a good price, many young couples settle here. The cozy Fahrenheitstraat area has many shops and restaurants. The city center is 10 minutes away, as well as the beach!

Regentessekwartier, Valkenboskwartier

These districts were built from the beginning of the 20th century and are situated between the centre and the Vruchtenbuurt. Here you can find nice apartments for a good price. There is an artistic atmosphere and many young couples live here. There are nice restaurants and shops in the area to find, and you're right in the center!


In this district you will find large houses for decent prices. Many young families settle here because of the green area and many playing opportunities for children. This area is located on the border of the city The Hague, but is easily accessible by public transport and car. parking here is not a problem at all.

Kijkduin, Ockenburgh en Bohemen

Kijkduin is the second biggest seaside resort of The Hague, and Ockenburgh & Bohemen are located next to this area. This, offcourse means the sea and dunes are closeby. Also, this is a very green area that has houses of all sizes . The International School of The Hague is located in Ockenburg which makes it more than convenient for professionals with children. 

Leidschenveen & Ypenburg

These are two fairly new districts where nice homes are available for an attractive price. Especially young families live here because of the spacious environment where there are plenty of playgrounds for kids. This area is located on the border of the city The Hague, but is easily accessible by public transport and car.

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