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Do you want to be completely relieved? Then use our complete purchase process.If you have already found a property yourself, we can also advise and guide you from there at a reduced rate.

Your wishes, dreams and possibilities

As purchasing agent in The Hague we know: buying a house is very special and exciting. We would like to discuss this personally and openly at our office. Sincerely interested in you and your life. Will this be your first purchase house? Why do you want to move? What are your future plans? Do you want to live larger or smaller? What are your hobbies? And in which neighborhood do you want to live?

Search, find and surprise

A good buying agent knows the housing market in The Hague and surroundings through and through. Do you offer homes advertised online, but also houses that are not yet on the market and can be viewed on the market. We can offer you this! We can sometimes be a bitstubborn and show you something that is just outside your comfort zone, but this can unexpectedly be a good match!

To evaluate

Do the houses really meet your needs? What are pluses and minuses? We as your purchasing broker look critically at all details. We give advice on the structural state, the legal aspects, the market value and the competitive offer. We give our sincere opinion, finally we have to represent your interests.

It’s a match!

Determine the right purchase strategy and the best bid. As purchasing agent, we conduct the negotiations. With the aim of a competitive price and the most favorable conditions. If the sale is complete, we will guide you through to the official transfer at the notary.

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