Renting to Expats & Young professionals

Looking for a reliable partner for renting out your property and/or real estate portfolio?
Our target group consists mainly of (young) professionals and expats. If this is your potential tenant, do not wait any longer and contact us.

Rent your property in The Hague and surroundings via Infinitas. Temporary or long-term period, both are possible options. We are happy to give you advice on, among other things, the rent, right tenants and the drafting of the corresponding rental agreement.

The potential tenant;

  • Must provide insight into his/her personal background;
  • Must be financially sound enough to meet the monthly rent;
  • Must be a correct 'match' with the owner and home.

We facilitate the rental of homes for both private individuals and the real estate investor. With our years of experience in rental mediation in the Haaglanden region and extensive knowledge of the local rental market, you have found us an experienced and passionate partner. Because of our good relationship with many international companies/ organizations in The Hague, we have a continuous flow of home-seeking expats.

The rental periods range from 1 month, 2 to 4 years to an indefinite period. In addition to ourrelationship with many Hague international organizations, we also have an extensive business network with nationals and multinationals within the Netherlands. As a result, we also have a wide range of international house hunters. Our expertise in the real estate rental, as well as the dynamic and direct approach we use at Infinitas, means that we rent your house quickly!